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About us

We invite single customers, construction companies and wholesale to use the services of selling branded scaffold that we offer.
Thanks to the technical expertise and sufficient supplies in our warehouse, we are able to implement all of your orders almost immediately.
We ensure branded facade scaffolding, modulated and aluminum mobile scaffolding with high quallity for competitive rates.
Due to that we are able to ensure maximum safety for our customers.

If you have any queries about anything including pricing don´t hesitate to contact us via email. If you are interested contact us by sending an email. We will make the best price offer!

If you pay VAT in any country in the European Union, you can buy the scaffold without paying the tax. That only works for payers of the VAT in EU.

Used scaffolding with discount up to - 60 %
Discounts on new scaffolding up to - 45 %
Discounts on new mobile scaffolding up to - 20 %
Discounts on the new formwork props up to - 20 %
Discounts on new mobile fences up - 20 %

     Visit our another website  www.pouzite-lesenie.sk